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Adaptive Learning Services

Presenter: Sharavan Govindan

Learn new ways to learn! Introducing Adaptive Learning Services, an exciting new offering through CONNECTservices to help you master Bentley software
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Runtime: 25 minutes

We are pleased to introduce SELECT CONNECT Edition which offers CONNECTservices, a range of new services leveraging Microsoft Azure, to benefit all Bentley application users. CONNECTservices include:

  • Personal Mobility Services: Individuals work any time from any place through Bentley’s apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • ProjectWise Connection Services: Teams securely create, share, and deliver data and documents and review project status and performance.
  • Adaptive Learning Services: Users master use of Bentley applications through personalized, contextual learning.

Watch the Adaptive Learning Services webinar, part 3 of the CONNECTservices Webinar Series, to hear how Adaptive Learning Services are now incorporated as a benefit of SELECT CONNECT Edition. Previously available through the Bentley Learn subscription, Adaptive Learning Services include on-demand courses, live virtual training, and virtual learning conferences.

See a demonstration of Bentley’s new CONNECT Advisor, which provides in-application contextual assistance, including recommendations for short feature and workflow videos, and personalized learning paths and knowledge maps.

You can earn 1 Professional Development Hour (PDH) from Bentley Institute for attending this 1-hour event. To review/access your learning history/transcript, log in to your personal portal. You may then use your online learning history/transcript to self-report learning to your organization, licensing board, or professional association as proof of your continued professional development to maintain your credentials. Please note that organizations’ requirements vary, and they make the ultimate decision about whether to accept Bentley Institute Professional Development Hours. We recommend you confirm your own board’s or association’s terms and conditions.

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