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Tech Talk: Machine Learning Beyond the Hype - What You Really Need to Know

Presenter: Richard Irwin

Runtime: 23 minutes

There is a great deal of talk and buzz around machine learning, and how it will revolutionize and transform business and industry. A number of vendors are now claiming to provide artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, and companies are hoping to take advantage of this forward-thinking technology. But how much should we believe about how machine learning and AI can really transform industry decision making?

Join Richard Irwin as he looks at some of the common examples of the hype often associated with machine learning and AI, and how they omit key information to help you get started, as well as looking at some of the things you should be focusing on yourself.

Learn more about the hype that has been generated and discover the real story behind the hype. During this Tech Talk, you will learn about:

  • Artificial Intelligence and the associated definitions
  • The ‘magic button’ of machine learning
  • Do machines really learn autonomously?
  • Will AI take away our jobs?
  • Predicting the future and the importance of data
  • What questions you should be asking yourself

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