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Tech Talk: New SACS - AutoPIPE Intraoperability for Shorter Design Cycles and Improved Project Non-conformances

Luke Andrew, , 

Want to learn how to dramatically reduce your offshore structure piping design cycle and improve project non-conformances? This Tech Talk will show how new SACS and AutoPIPE intraoperability streamlines workflows between offshore, pipe stress, and structural engineers. See how you can save time, money, and effort through software interoperability. Input data once and re-use it multiple times throughout the project lifecycle!

Luke Andrew, Piping Product Manager, and Parvinder Jhita, Offshore Product Manager, demonstrate and discuss how to:

  • Optimize piping and offshore structural design workflows
  • Export structures, pipe geometry and support loads
  • Import a pipe model into a structural model and a structural model into a pipe model
  • Use a visual revision history to save time and money over the course of the project

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