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Innovation in Offshore Engineering


Dockwise Shipping B.V.

SHWE Transportation and Installation – (Bay of Bengal, Myanmar)

The USD 1.5 billion SHWE gas field development project at the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar, required transportation and installation of a massive 22,000-metric-ton jacket and 30,000-metric-ton topsides with deck support frame. The contract was awarded to Dockwise by EPCI contractor Hyundai Heavy Industries. Dockwise performed the operation and engineering for the jacket transportation, jacket launch, topsides transportation, and topsides float-over.

Dockwise spread the work among its three design centers in the Netherlands, United States, and China. An innovative bottle-shaped barge design to transport these massive structures was produced using MOSES and SACS, and data access, accuracy, traceability, and workflow were addressed by managing files in ProjectWise. These solutions saved about 5,000 of the 30,000 man-hours estimated for execution and reduced the four operational days offshore by half.


Orca Offshore

Centrica F3-FA Self Installing Platform – (Dutch North Sea, Netherlands)

Orca Offshore performed transport and installation analyses for Centrica’s GBP 200 million self-installing gas platform in the Dutch North Sea. The F3-FA platform has a suction pile foundation resting on a temporary barge for transportation. It can be relocated, providing significant cost savings across three to four fields. Orca’s scope of work included motion and stability analysis, multi-body dynamic analysis, structural spectral analysis, and scale model tests.

It was crucial to know hydrodynamic loads early in the project due to the pile size – 15 meters high and 15 meters in diameter – and proximity to the wave zone. The loads determined how to size the steel work. MOSES determined those loads and confirmed the structural strength of the platform. The use of MOSES reduced the amount of steel required in the platform and for sea fastening and proved that this unique, reusable platform concept would work.


SNC-Lavalin UK Limited

Mariner Jacket Detailed Design – (Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Statoil awarded SNC-Lavalin the front-end engineering design contract for its massive 22,000-ton jacket at the USD 7 billion Mariner oil field development in the U.K. sector of the North Sea. With an 88-by-62 meter footprint on the seabed, the 120-meter-high jacket supports a topside facility weighing approximately 54,000 tons. The jacket’s weight and subsequent installation by barge were significant challenges.

Using SACS and STAAD.Pro, SNC-Lavalin completed the jacket design in a tight timeframe. Nineteen interrelated analyses were performed effectively using SACS’ various modules, including wave-loading under storm conditions, seismic response, fatigue, sea-transportation, and accidental impact. STAAD.Pro was used for the detailed design of secondary steel. Working with the same software as the topsides designer enabled efficient information sharing and modeling of the interfaces between jacket and topsides.

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