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BIM for Bridges: Integrated Bridge Modeling, Design and Plans Production

Presenter: Alexander Mabrich

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OpenBridge Designer enhances the development of BIM bridge models within the context of an overall transportation project.

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During this webinar we will address the integration of bridge modelling with structural design, explain the process of automated plans production and rebar detailing and quantities using OpenBridge Designer CONNECT Edition.

Allowing you to evaluate the bridge geometry and how it interacts with the alignment, terrain, drainage, and surrounding structures from the onset of your project, this unique application also enables you to create an interoperable physical and analytical model for both steel and concrete bridges that can be utilized throughout the lifecycle of the bridge.

After attending this webinar, you will know how to:

  • Create a complete bridge BIM Model
  • Analyze and design a prestressed concrete girder bridge steel
  • Use ProStructures to reinforce the bridge model
  • Create 2D plans from the BIM model

Register now and learn how to bridge the gap between the conceptual phase and the actual design of your project!

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