Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation - Miaoshan 220kV Secondary Transformer Substation
Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation (HEEC) designed a CNY 172 million indoor secondary transformer station to meet Year 2030 energy demands in excess of 400,000 kilovolts (kV) in the Wuhan East Lake High Tech Zone, Hubei province, China. The scope of the work involved the layout and design of a three-story facility housing three sets of 240-megavolt ampere transformers and providing 220kV, 110kV, and 10kV outgoing lines that consider the constraints of the dense urban location.

HEEC designed the substation and facilitated project collaboration using Bentley Substation, AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, ProStructures, and ProjectWise. ProjectWise allowed the design team to work in a unified model space, increasing efficiency and helping to solve clashes. Avoiding rework in at least 10 instances saved CNY 2 million. When completed, this substation will optimize the High Tech Zone’s power grid and improve the quality of life for more than 400,000 people.

Snam - CARTESIO – Planning and Maintaining Nationwide Gas Transportation Network
CARTESIO is the newly redesigned and updated natural gas GIS platform of Snam Rete Gas. Based on Bentley Map Enterprise technology, CARTESIO replaced the outmoded and disparate systems of the previous GIS incarnation. Using a fully scalable architecture, the new system provides a secure method for creating, modifying, and storing data. Snam Rete Gas used a common spatial database to develop a fully integrated system that combined engineering and GIS data. The combined GIS and CAD functionality facilitates the analysis, design, and management of the company’s natural gas facilities. CARTESIO’s structure ensures that its data are accessible to company personnel, enhancing interdepartmental cooperation. CARTESIO successfully realized the goal of a single-source approach to GIS and engineering data.

Elia - Advanced Substation Design in a Managed Environment
The high voltage engineering department of Elia, Belgium’s electricity transmission system operator, adopted the ProjectWise platform as a proof-of-concept initiative to conform to corporate standards for lifecycle management. The scope of this EUR 250,000 project was to move 1.2 terabytes of information from the high voltage department’s fileserver to the ProjectWise environment.

ProjectWise’s delta file transfer technology allowed Elia to save time and prevent data loss by only transferring design changes rather than entire files when sending data. This technology facilitated the company’s 2013 Smart-Way-of-Working paradigm. Using custom workflows and specific access rights, the department can control document ownership at a previously unprecedented level. This enhanced efficiency saves an estimated USD 100,000 to USD 150,000 per year.