Costain Carillion Joint Venture - A5 - M1 Link, Dunstable Northern Bypass
A joint venture between Costain, Carillion, and AECOM was formed for the design and construction of this GBP 160 million roadway project in Dunstable, United Kingdom. HDB Associates was commissioned to develop and implement BIM processes on the project in parallel with the conventional design which was almost completed. This created many challenges, given that most team members had no previous experience working in a BIM environment and the majority of the information was only in 2D.

Following the four factors for a successful BIM project – people, process, technology, and collaboration – HDB used MXROAD, OpenRoads, SUE and MicroStation together with the Class Editor and Bentley’s SDKs to automate the production and management of data rich 3D models. These Models with attributed objects not only facilitated design and multi-discipline reviews, but also the production of intelligent 4D and 5D information directly from the dgn files. They will also allow for the production of Asset Models in the future.

Using ProjectWise for team collaboration ensured a single source of truth for the information and gave the team clear direction on what workflows were required to check, review, and issue the documents.

Inspec Nederland BV - A27/A12 Ring Utrecht
The Utrecht ring road is one of the busiest bottlenecks in the Dutch highway system. On an average weekday, more than 220,000 cars and trucks pass the highway junctions of Lunetten and Rijnsweerd. Inspec Nederland began work to improve traffic flow and safety in 2012 and created the initial design of alignment, pavement, and road markings in MXROAD. The team deployed OpenRoads in mid-2015 for this EUR 1.12 billion project.

Inspec Nederland evaluated more than 800 variants along the route and developed multiple templates for quick switches among different design solutions to create the definitive design. OpenRoads enhanced internal and external stakeholders’ understanding of the design. The decision process to consider possible design solutions was faster and more integrated due to the Bentley application’s 3D visualization capabilities.

Beta 2 Engenharia - Roundabout of Ribeirão Preto
On this BRZ 120 million project, Beta 2 Engenharia was challenged to replace a 44-year-old roundabout with a road design that could meet vehicle demands for the next 30 years. With eight viaducts totaling 630 meters and 20 access ramps, the project team had to extend the roadway by 11,800 meters so that 80,000 vehicles a day could easily access and navigate the area.

Beta 2 Engenharia used PowerCivil from the conceptual phase through final geometry to quickly and dynamically analyze the impact on each design alternative. RM Bridge enabled the project team to measure the viaducts in little time, while computational data entry allowed the team to insert modifications and resize the structure quickly and efficiently. The efficient project execution combined with modern construction techniques allowed delivery of the entire work four months ahead of schedule.