Banedanmark - The New Line, Copenhagen-Ringsted
In 2010, the Danish parliament authorized the development of a DKK 9 billion, dual-track electrified railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted. Banedanmark took on the task designing the high-speed railway capable of handling passenger trains moving at speeds of 250 kilometers per hour. Comprising 56 kilometers of track, the design incorporates four tunnels and 88 bridges. The Banedanmark team used Bentley Rail Track to model the minimum infrastructure gauge in 3D, and as a result were able to create models and animations nearly 10 times faster than they could using other techniques. ProjectWise helped the design team access models and data more easily and share information with contractors more efficiently. This well-coordinated process resulted in contract costs that were 9.3 percent lower than estimated, and an overall budget savings for Banedanmark of 10 to 15 percent.

Mott MacDonald – FLO JV - Northern Line Extension
Upon completion in 2020, the extension of London Underground’s Northern line will include the construction of new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station, two permanent ventilation/intervention shafts, and 3.2 kilometers of dual bored concrete tunnels. Mott MacDonald is part of a collaborative effort to establish the BIM execution plan for this GBP 500 million extension. The team used Bentley applications as part of its BIM strategy to enhance efficiency and overcome challenges. The team used ProjectWise to facilitate inter-discipline design collaboration across different work sites, which contributed to more informed decision making and improved design quality. The combination of AECOsim Building Designer and ProjectWise enabled the entire team to work consistently within a managed workflow, reducing project time and errors as a result.

FUT-Sweco/TYPSA - Metro Extension in Stockholm
As part of this SEK 25.7 billion project to extend the Stockholm Metro, JV Sweco/Typsa is tasked with producing the technical designs, railway plans, and eventually construction of the extension to Nacka and Söderort. Managed using a complete lifecycle BIM process, the design encompasses 11 kilometers of track, tunnels, and seven new stations. Using Bentley applications, the Sweco team built templates to ensure that designers could work within an integrated workflow regardless of their locations or disciplines. ProjectWise provided a common data environment for the team to collaborate efficiently and to help streamline the approvals process. The team used ContextCapture to visualize new designs within the context of a recently produced interactive 3D city model of Stockholm.