Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Ltd. - Re-qualification/Life Extension Study of Fixed Offshore Platform Structures
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) operates more than 265 platforms offshore of India, most of which have reached their design life of 25 years. For this USD 150 million project, jacket platforms were assessed for extended “fit for use” and strengthened as required to meet industry safety requirements. Structural analyses carried out using SACS and SACS Collapse were part of ONGC’s methodology for platform life extension/requalification, which added 10-15 years to the average life of each structure. Challenges encountered during the analyses included dent modeling, member/joint component strengthening, additional pile modeling, and soil convergence. SACS and SACS Collapse allowed multiple analyses with parametric variations and optimized the strengthening/mitigation measures, all while saving at least 12 resource-hours per platform. Each re-qualification not only ensured continued oil production, but also avoided installation of a new platform at a net cost of USD 25 million per platform.

Seaway Heavy Lifting - DSO Sonam Topside Installation
Hyundai Heavy Industries awarded Seaway Heavy Lifting the subcontract to install the Sonam non-associated gas wellhead platform (Sonam NWP) topside and bridge for Chevron Nigeria Limited, operating in the Sonam field offshore of Nigeria. The 2,750-ton topside was the heaviest ever built in Nigeria and the team, for this USD 12 million installation project, selected SACS as the common platform for communications with the owner and EPC. SACS provided direct benefits in the fabrication, certification, transportation, and utilization of the spreader bar that lifted the topside. Using Bentley applications eliminated clashes, optimized materials, demonstrated lift safety (saving EUR 200,000 for a trial lift), and simplified transport and assembly materials. Using SACS, the team overcame all of the issues typically encountered when spreader bar designs are hand checked. By eliminating issues in advance, the team shortened the installation time.

LLC Volgogradnefteproekt - Control of Engineering Data During the Filanovskiy Field Development
Developing the Filanovskiy oil and gas condensate field in the Caspian Sea called for construction of seven complex structures designed by six companies using different software. LLC Volgogradnefteproekt consolidated the engineering data to create an as-built 3D information model for the client. Using the model during all stages of this RUB 125 billion project is expected to achieve a reduction of 30 percent in construction and annual operations costs. LLC Volgogradnefteproekt used AssetWise to consolidate the engineering data from Aveva, Autodesk, Tribon, and Bentley, enabling information exchange among the dispersed project teams, and providing access to a single data source. Overall the single information source will deliver a 30 percent reduction in information search time, a 70 percent reduction in data exchange time, and a 25 percent increase in document coordination efficiency.