Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. - Xishi Winter Olympics Square Project of Shougang Industrial Area Transformation
The 2022 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee contracted Beijing Shougang International Engineering to design and construct its plaza in Shougang, a historic industrial site located in Shijingshan District, Beijing, China. Consisting of legacy facilities set on a protected area with strict building requirements, the challenge was to build a plaza that retains the area’s original steel factory aesthetics, while staying in accordance with district regulations. The contractor is accomplishing this vision by repurposing the buildings with green technology and leaving the original structural characteristics intact. Part of the company’s success in meeting the unique project parameters is due to the use of 3D laser scanning in lieu of traditional survey techniques. By using Bentley Pointools to manage the point-cloud data, the company reduced project time by 3-5 percent and saved CNY 1 million. Bentley’s BIM advancements allowed Beijing Shougang International Engineering to bridge the gap between industrial and civil engineering with improved processes.

Tract Consultants Pty., Ltd. - Phillip Island Penguin Viewing Platform
The Phillip Island Nature Park is home to Australia’s number one wildlife tourist attraction, the Penguin Parade of the Fairy Penguin. The park hired Tract Consultants to expand the trail system through an AUD 2.8 million project with the goal of increasing domestic and international visitation to this ecotourism destination. The trail system’s design required the use of complex mapping capabilities. OpenRoads software used elevation mapping to establish scenic lookouts that would not impact the area. Slope mapping provided the means to avoid the construction of balustrades when possible while bridging over critical penguin habitat. The ROI included saving 40 percent on design time and reducing construction costs. The award-winning project established a trail system that highlights the area’s natural beauty while avoiding environmental impact.

Voyants Solutions Pvt., Ltd. - Feasibility Study and Associated Preliminary and Detail Designs in Secondary Cities and Agatare Informal Settlement
As part of its vision to modernize infrastructure and enable more diversified and resilient sources of growth, the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure issued a USD 10 million grant to a consulting consortium including Voyants Solutions to conduct a feasibility study. A key part of the plan involved proposing new approaches for urban regeneration in the six secondary cities of the Agatare region. Developing plans to improve poor infrastructure in Agatare meant overcoming obstacles presented by difficult terrain. To accomplish this, Bentley Map was used in conjunction with MXROAD and StormCAD to enhance the roadways and improve drainage. The results will benefit approximately 18,000 people by enhancing connectivity, creating off-farm jobs, and improving drainage systems to reduce risks associated with flooding and disease.