Ministerio Obras Publicas de Chile - Chacao Bridge
At 2.75 kilometers, Chacao Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in South America. The 1,055- and 1,155-meter main spans clear the Chacao channel by 50 meters. Three towers rise to heights of 157, 175, and 199 meters. The Chile Ministry of Public Works commissioned the USD 740 million bridge to connect the Island of Chiloe to the mainland and to improve quality of life, commerce, and tourism. The Chilean government has estimated a return on investment of 6 percent.

The highly seismic region, strong currents, deep channel, and high winds presented engineering and construction challenges. The subsidence of a mid-channel rock formation created a special challenge during construction of the inverted-Y tower. The Ministry solved these problems using the advanced dynamics and wind analysis capabilities of RM Bridge. Performing 3D computational analysis aided in evaluating alternatives and improving design quality.

Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey & Design Academy Co., Ltd. - Guizhou Ping-Luo Expressway Pingtang Bridge
The USD 4.5 million center uses leading-edge telepresence and networking technologies, ranging from cameras and mobile devices in the field to the centralized command and control technologies within the center. Emerson implemented AssetWise Operational Analytics because it is simple to deploy, easy to reconfigure, and quickly customizable. The software is hosted on the connected servers to display operational data in dashboard format on any of the connected devices.

MCC TianGong Group Tianjin Corporation, Ltd. - BIM TechnologyApplication in Bageng Bridge Project of Guangxi Beijing Expressway
MCC TianGong Group Tianjin Corporation was the main construction contractor for the Guangxi Beijing Expressway’s Bageng Bridge in Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang, China. Mountainous terrain presented complications on this CNY 140 million project, but utilizing Bentley’s applications with a BIM methodology provided solutions for dynamically managing the construction process. The innovative methods received recognition at the highest levels.

Using GEOPAK to model the terrain, perform earthwork analysis to reduce environmental impact, and plan construction at an early stage proved advantageous. Based on a BridgeMaster model, AECOsim Building Designer was used to simulate construction of the bridge, including the use of specialized equipment and erection technology. ProjectWise provided a coordinated design platform for sharing project data, documents, and i-models. Using BIM technology to optimize construction scenarios saved CNY 150,000 and shortened the project duration by 56 days.