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Bentley LEARN Subscriptions

Just-in-Time Learning that Enables Successful Project Teams

Investing in the right Bentley software is a vital step toward project success—but to maximize return on investment, organizations need to adopt and master it. Bentley LEARN subscriptions make this easy to do. Subscriptions provide access to diverse, IACET-accredited learning opportunities; services and support that help you align learning with your business objectives; and assessments and transcripts for gauging impact. You'll quickly realize increased efficiency and higher quality project work.

Personalization Based Upon Individual Needs and Preferences

Bentley LEARN makes it easy to develop a training plan tailored for individuals, project teams, or your entire organization so users learn what they need, when they need it. Learning opportunities are available to suit every learning style and time constraint. For example, many live, online courses take less than an hour to complete, and on-demand training videos typically are just 15 minutes or less.

Unlimited access to Bentley LEARN content allows users to work at their own pace. They can review material multiple times to update and reinforce skills, skip past content that is not relevant to them, and discover related courses that will allow them to grow their expertise.

Bentley Institute is an approved provider of continuing education credits from several recognized professional associations:

  • – International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
  • – American Institute of Architects (AIA)
  • – The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI)

As a LEARN subscriber, you gain instant access to all of the learning opportunities, services, and support offered by Bentley.

Choose from:

  • A personal, single-person subscription for a specific infrastructure professional
  • An organizational subscription – the most cost-efficient way to establish a common foundation of knowledge, skills, and best practices

What's included?

Personal LEARN Subscription

Learning Paths
Unlimited Live Training in a Virtual Classroom
Unlimited On-demand Training
One Registration per Bentley LEARNing Conference event

Organizational LEARN Subscription

Learning Paths
Unlimited Live Training in a Virtual Classroom
Unlimited On-demand Training
Unlimited Registrations to the Bentley LEARNing Conferences
Dedicated Support Team

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