Enter your project for the 2015 Be Inspired Awards for a chance to win a trip to London to present your work to your peers and members of the press at the Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference!

The annual Be Inspired Awards competition, part of The Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference, brings together infrastructure professionals and members of the media from around the globe to:

✔ Share innovative practices in infrastructure project design, engineering, construction, and operations
✔ Celebrate the extraordinary work of the world’s architects, engineers, contractors and owner-operators

Since 2004 the Be Inspired Awards program has recognized more than 2,000 of the world’s most outstanding infrastructure projects. The program, open to all users of Bentley software, is a unique competition – the only of its kind that is global in scope and comprehensive in categories covered, encompassing all types of infrastructure projects.

What 2014 Be Inspired Winners are saying:

“The Be Inspired Awards program was a great professional experience. “Be Inspired” is a perfect description of the experience. While it was a fantastic opportunity to share our story on the global stage, it was truly inspiring to learn about all of the creative and highly technical achievements of others from around the world. It is an excellent forum for advancing technology."

-  Lucius Brooker, Time Warner Cable
“What an honor and privilege to be recognized on an international stage such as Bentley’s Be Inspired Awards. The projects that were showcased were inspiring and informative and we have learned so much from our fellow Be Inspired nominees and winners. Can’t wait for next year!"

-  Marais ‘Spyker’ van Heerden, Executive, 3DDraughting, South Africa

Deadline for submissions is May 31.