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Drones Take Flight - from Pizza Delivery to Project Delivery and More!

  • Pizza dropping from the skies? Really? A recent CNN article covering Domino's testing of drone pizza delivery is food for thought about the mainstreaming of drones. The article tells us that a Domino's customer who requests a drone delivery will receive a notification when their delivery is approaching. After going outside and hitting a button on their smartphone, the drone will lower the food via a tether. Once the package is released, the drone pulls the tether back up and flies back to the Domino's store.

    The utilities industry, along with government entities providing regulations, is also exploring the use of drones to capitalize on lower cost photography for monitoring and modeling of utilities infrastructure. Really! Today, LiDAR 3D models help utilities monitor rights of way, encroachments, and manage vegetation effectively today and point clouds are used in hybrid engineering workflows to model existing utilities infrastructure. But new reality modeling applications are emerging at the forefront of modeling utilities infrastructure with photographs.

  • Cyndi Smith
    Senior Product Marketing Director

    Cyndi Smith is Senior Product Marketing Director at Bentley. During her tenure with Bentley, she has held a number of positions including Utilities and Communications Solution Executive, Geospatial Product Director, and Geospatial Marketing Director. Prior to joining Bentley, Cyndi worked in product marketing, project management, and development roles at Intergraph, Williams Communications, Visionael, Conoco, and Amoco.

Reality modeling for utilities with which you can produce accurate 3D models from simple, digital photographs of existing conditions and infrastructure is rapidly becoming an important, cost-effective technology for capturing the built environment to provide real-world context for the use of planning, design and construction. Reality modeling also provides continuous surveying opportunities for operations and maintenance teams who manage the life of these infrastructure assets – making it almost as easy as ordering a pizza!

The Utilities Forum at the Year in Infrastructure Conference will feature a session exploring reality modeling for utilities. Buddy Cleveland, an industry consultant and former Bentley Senior Vice President (retired) is researching, exploring and developing reality modeling applications and will provide an overview of reality modeling and its associated work processes from image capture through model creation to the effective application of the resulting models to infrastructure life-cycle tasks illustrated with utilities examples. Are you interested in the benefits, challenges, and future of reality modeling for utilities applications? Plan to join Buddy and your industry peers at the Utilities Forum on Thursday morning of the conference and download the Reality Modeling for Utility Infrastructure whitepaper now for more information!